The Ultimate VST Plugin

Arcade is your one-stop-shop to score sounds for any genre. Access the Royalty-Free loops, fresh weekly samples, and tools you need to elevate your music—for only $10/month.

Unlimited access to 50+ lines, 6,000+ kits, 60,000+ samples

Compatible with popular DAWs

Automatic key and tempo locks

4 macro sliders, 3 modifier buttons, and advanced mode

Cancel any time—all sessions work forever

Arcade in the Spotlight

“It’s something rare in the world of plugins: a whole new category."

"Arcade allows you to combine sound discovery with instant playability."

“Arcade offers an ingenious solution to creating and reshaping loops.”

Che Pope, Producer

Larrance Dopson, Producer

Channel Tres, Musician | Producer

Kanye West, Nas, Teyana Taylor

Nipsey Hussle, Justin Timberlake, Ella Mai

Disclosure, Duckwrth, Toro y Moi

Hear Arcade in Action

Making Music Should Be Fun

But at times creating music can feel like a struggle. Whether it’s a lack of inspiration, not knowing where to begin, or spending more time searching through plugins for samples than actually making music.

Access Infinite Inspiration

Arcade—the ultimate loop synthesizer delivers endless creativity. Get a playable instrument and unlimited access to today’s hottest tracks. Access 1,000s of lines, kits, and a vast library of tracks along with fresh, royalty-free daily samples. It’s easy to set up and use. Plus, our powerful key and tempo lock tool makes it easy to jam.

Upload your own tracks, customize, manipulate, and modify them in real-time to get your music to sound just like you—all for only $10 a month.

Cancel any time—all sessions work forever

Easy enough for beginners, powerful enough for pros

The average Arcade user locks a song in within 15 minutes. Whether you’ve just started using a DAW or have been producing tracks professionally for years, Arcade delivers a wide variety of original and modern sounds and the flexibility to shape them into your own music.

Beats for days

From trap drums, to atmospheric textures, to hard-hitting 808s, Arcade has all the rhythm you need to make sweet beats. Access 1,000s of studio-quality drum samples and transform them to sound exactly like you.

Vast Vocal library

Producers know just how crucial a vocal hook can be to a track. That’s why our acclaimed Hooked library makes it easy to create an amazing vocal hook for your songs.

Completely customizable

Easily lock down keys and tempos. Manipulate tracks and sounds via three modifier types for each kit line—featuring sub-presets that can be saved, copied, and pasted across layers and sends.

Trigger samples and effects on one keyboard simultaneously. Use your own tracks or access thousands of kits, loops, and a never-ending supply of new content added daily.

Risk-free and ready to rock

Cancel at any time. Don’t worry—all sessions that you’ve built using Arcade will work forever.

See Why Today’s Top Producers Use Arcade

Hit Boy, Producer

Beyoncé, Juice WRLD, Travis Scott

"If I would have had this when I was maybe 20, I’d probably be a billionaire right now."

!llmind, Producer

Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Drake

“I just wrapped up making a beat from scratch, using Output’s really amazing technology.”

Tim Kelley, Producer

Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Madonna

"Output’s products are simply remarkable and work perfectly in my production."

Make Every Sound Count

Access the unlimited samples and amazing modifiers you need, along with fresh daily samples, to produce perfect tracks—for only $10/month.

Cancel any time—all sessions work forever

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time. With a 30-day billing cycle, we’ll remind you 3 days before we charge you.


Will I lose my tracks if I cancel my subscription?

Any session you’ve built will work forever, though you won’t be able to edit loops you’ve downloaded.


Can I use Arcade on more than 1 computer?

Yes, you’re allowed to log into Arcade on a total of 4 computers. Between those 4 machines, Arcade can only be in use on one machine at a time.


Can I add my own samples?



Can I share my sessions with other Arcade users?

Anyone with an Arcade subscription can share their DAW sessions with other Arcade users for seamless integration.

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